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Brent Kelley

       I grew up in a wonderful Christian home. My parents were very involved with the church through deliverance ministry and pastoral care. It was at the young age of 7 when I received Jesus into my heart but it wasn’t until the age of 13 when I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This transformed my life! From this point on in my life, I wanted nothing but Jesus. From all-night prayer lock inns to worship nights, I was ruined for an ordinary life. I suddenly became aware that is going to be a supernatural one. I set up a bible club at my Middle School, preached the Gospel at every opportunity, and eventually went homeschooled through High School so I could travel in ministry. I put everything aside for Jesus, even dating. At 13 years old I had decided that I would not date till God revealed to me whom I was going to marry.


       When I was 21, while visiting a local church and I saw the woman of my dreams walk into the room, and instantly I heard Holy Spirit say that's your wife. We met that day and were married 6 months later. Cessna and I have been blessed with 17 years of marriage and 6 wonderful children, Sabella, Asher, Levi, Elias, Finely, and Wren. We as a family share this common passion of spreading the Gospel through encountering Jesus.


       I have been blessed for the last 5 years to travel the world full-time while preaching the gospel. I have seen God perform the miraculous time and time again through Signs and Wonders. There is nothing more exciting to me than seeing someone receive a touch from Jesus. I believe there is no greater display of Grace and love than the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. It is through knowing this expression of His love that we find the empowerment to walk out Holiness and Righteousness. You are loved by him. He cherishes you. He takes delight in you. He formed you and breathed life in you. You are the righteousness of God! He through Christ made you Holy and Pure. Don't believe the lies in your head. Your his beloved!

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