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Confronting Moral failings within Leaders

Updated: Feb 11, 2022



I have had several people ask me about recent controversies and videos surrounding people in ministry. Suppose I feel the need to point out dangers with specific ministries; I do it privately. Running in ministry can break your heart when you hear of all the issues plaguing ministries. When you step into the leadership arena, and popularity follows, if cracks are present within the foundations, they will be exposed.

Trying to navigate the moral failings of leaders while extending mercy while exposing danger is one that I have not yet figured out. I have set the boundary within my heart is “Do I have the authority to speak on this, and what do I hope to convey by speaking about it.”

I am still learning how to season my words with salt. I am constantly privy to information about many ministries, and when you are connected to so many leaders and people you want to steward the platform God had given you. I think that is best done in speaking on the issues that are at hand and at times removing your affiliation with ministries who might not convey the gospel with the same integrity.

But by no means is cancel culture permitted within the church. Shame and condemnation have no part in the body of Christ even when believers are unrepentant. Mercy triumphs over judgment. If anyone of us were alive during the days of David's adultery and the murdering of his own friend, we would have said David deserved judgment from God and man. But God knew Davids's story and his repentance that was to come. Pray for leaders.

Deep moral issues need to be addressed. Whether its…

Adultery Homosexuality Charging for the gospel Lying Misappropriation of funds Hatred Promiscuity Abuse of authority Predatorial behaviors Deep foundational truth errors

These issues must be addressed and can be, for the most part, without the need of naming individuals. If the individual refuses to address these moral failings and repent privately, removing yourself from affiliation while holding mercy may be needed. I have in the past used this method to remove myself from a minister friend who secretly turned agnostic but was using his platform to get believers to believe in universalism. I privately confronted him then publicly renounced my support of his ministry and actively tried to protect as many as I could. My heart still cries for him to be reconciled.

There are a lot of voices out there. Many claiming that they carry discernment given to them by the Holy Spirit. They use that discernment on everyone but their own heart. the purpose of discernment is to protect and reconcile, not gossip. Let’s rally around the voice of the Holy Spirit and God’s word. Stay humble, my friends.

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