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I have spent most of my life dreaming of what revival would look like. I have read book after book about the subject. I watched and heard the stories and testimonies of Brownsville and Toronto. Which caused my heart to only desire it more. Now in my late 30’s into 40, I began to ask some questions.

What is the purpose of revival?

I am sure many like me would say to revive the church or bring it into a renewal. Growing up and being a part of a smaller revival brings back memories. One of those memories was the need to be at every meeting. You were absolutely fearful that God would manifest, and you would miss it. Another thing is you have to keep the fire going. More prayer, more praise, more worship, more teaching, more preaching, and most important…more people. People were like wood to the fire. If it’s not growing in size, then it’s stagnant.

This comes from an unhealthy idea of what revival is. If revival is one thing, it is to usher in a Kingdom perspective.

What is this Kingdom perspective?

Well, I think that is found in the original intent of creation. “Let us make man in Our image.” Followed by the command of “Go, be fruitful and multiply!”

The Kingdom perspective is us walking in the image of God. That image was lost through sin but now has been restored through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The command of GO in Genesis 2 was not just about children but more about the multiplication of His image. This command was also given in Matthew 28 to GO make disciples. Again this is not about replicating our personalities or ministries but, again, His image.

Revival has often centered around certain aspects of Christianity. Some revivals focus on deep Repentance (Brownsville), while others focus on Sonship (Toronto). Others on salvation, baptism of Holy Spirit, healing, and signs and wonders. But the mark that is missed the most at times is the Kingdom.

This Kingdom is whose focus is set around a Father and a Son. In other words family. The Kingdom is about the family of God. A family that is called to walk in His image. Our earthly family is to mirror that. This is the war going on on this earth right now. We make the battle politics, homosexuality, adultery, and any sin in the blank, but the war is family. The Bible is filled with examples. Moses was a great leader but a terrible father. David was a great king but a terrible father. This war on earth is about the destruction of original intent. That a man and a woman walking in God’s image would multiply God’s image through their children, this command stretched further I. The New Testament to include Fathers and Mothers in the faith to raise up spiritual children through the command of Matthew 28.

The reference to the sins of the father going to the 3rd and 4th generations had less to do with the hand of God falling upon children and more to do with the effects that Godless fathers have on family lines. The generational blessings of a Godly home effect the generations that follow.

I have seen so many revivals that have put family on the alter to keep the revival fires burning. The requirements to be at every meeting where meals are not eaten together to and families are left serving endlessly in hopes that God will show up has left a lasting effect upon many. I am not discounting the beauty of revival. Many lives have been transformed in such meetings. I am only asking that our perspective be set upon the ultimate goal. That goal is not heaven come down but heaven come out. It’s about a family and ultimately the family of God.

Revival is to awaken us to our first command. LIVE AND WALK IN HIS IMAGE! It’s also to bring revival to families. The revival meetings where parents and kids worship and weep together as they look and marvel at His glory should not be left in the tents or fields and church’s but should be brought into the living rooms of every family. The idea that the pulpit and alters are more sacred then our living rooms have left us depending upon meetings and conferences. As king David once said, “Where can I go to escape your presence!” Jacob also said, “Surly the presence of the Lord was here and I knew it not!”

Revival is not so that we can congregate to one place with the idea if we get enough people together Jesus will show up. Revival is to awaken us to the revelation that we were born again into His image and we are walking tabernacles of His presence. This revelation is what will restore families. The world needs to see Godly families walking in love and holiness.

We need a Kingdom perspective!!!

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